Online consultation: eConsult

17-06-2014 - Praktijk Hartel


You can ask us personal medical questions by means of eConsult. In order to do this you have to log in with your DigiD, after which you can pose your question in a secured environment, 24 hours per day. We will answer your question within two working days. 
You have to be registered as a patient with our surgery to be able to use eConsult.

Appropriate questions to ask during an eConsult can relate to:
     * lifestyle (for instance losing weight, alcohol consumption or trying to stop smoking);
     * medicine (for instance side effects or how to use them);
     * (physical) complaints that you have discussed with us before;
     * chronic diseases (for instance high blood pressure, asthma or diabetes).


Please be aware that eConsult is not suitable in case of:
     * medical emergencies;
     * matters that require physical examination;
     * emotional and/or psychological problems.





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