We are a part of of our patients' lives, sometimes from cradle to grave. Extraordinary

My duties

"My name is Corrine Bol and I am a practice nurse. I have been working in health care for quite some years now. After having worked in a pharmacy and in the hospital I have really found my place now, here in this GP surgery. 

In our team I am responsible for a large part of the administration and organisation of the practice, beside my medical duties.

The way we work

We are easily approachable and quickly know our patients by their names. We are a (small) part of their lives, sometimes from the cradle to the grave, which I find extraordinary. You become closely involved with people, especially when serious matters occur.  


What makes working here special?

Because of the work itself, but also because of the positive spirit in our team. Marius is very clear about his wishes, but at the same time gives us our professional freedom. We work in a very efficient manner. Our surgery rarely lasts longer than planned, unless it is absolutely necessary. Even when our appointment book is completely full, Marius always finds the time to see a patient if we find this to be imperative.

I also like the fact that we are an innovative surgery. Our patients are able to make their appointments online, for instance."


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